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About Us

Hey! I'm Sarah Louisa. A Beauty Therapist Entrepreneur, Mentor and Ingrown Hair Expert. I am dedicated to helping you create a business you and your clients love.

Born and raised in Birmingham, England and now living in Chicago,IL, USA. My passion to help empower others is the heart of my business.

I help professionals with clients who have Ingrown hairs take their businesses to the next level. I am the creator of the IngrownOut®Tweezer and the first online Ingrown Hair course. Both have been endorsed by HABIA Hair and Beauty Industry Authority.

>Have lots of clients with ingrown hairs but nothing you do or advise helps the client get rid of them for good? I'll show you how to become an Ingrown Hair Specialist and turn clients with ingrown hairs into raving fans.

>Love helping clients and take pride in your work but always feel overloaded and drained at the end of the day? I'll show you the road map to have more energy everyday.

>Want to retail aftercare to your clients but not feel uncomfortable about it? I'll help you find your voice and double your profit.

I wasn't born knowing how to do all of this. I actually started my beauty therapy business out of desperation with no self esteem a toddler to support with not a pound to my name. My mission back then was to build security for my young son Brandon. I always believed where there is a will there is a way. I treated everyone I met with the highest respect, cared and protected their privacy and delivered unbeatable treatment experiences and results. This was pivotal to my success and not only for-filled my heart and passion but gave clients a reason to travel from all over the UK for my wax treatments.

Enjoy the feeling!


I mastered the art of helping clients clear up their ingrown hair problems. Clients always say they enjoy the feeling of removing an ingrown hair. I would use pointy ingrown hair tweezers, which became damaging to the skin. After frequently dropping them into my sterilising jar, a slight hook formed on one side of these tweezers. It was a break through to have a tool to do the job properly. Even though I adapted to working with this awkward tweezer. When it was the right time, I had a lightbulb moment, and a total redesign was then created. My wish was to offer a tweezer that would pluck hairs out with ease so incorporating this into the design of this all-in-one tweezer was a must. I'm now proud to say experts around the world in our beauty industry love and use the IngrownOut Tweezers.
Self care and natural eco products

Confidence and self empowerment

I have always been fascinated with personal development. I studied Health and Life coaching, energy field healing, reiki, meditation and lots of personal and business development courses even to this day i am always learning something new. I have been able to for-fill a lot of my dreams and wishes and now I wish to share the steps I took to my success. I have an ADHD brain and commitment to be an unstoppable force for good. My company is built on love and passion.
About Us

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