Learn how to do basic waxing on male (optional) and females including facial waxing.

    Work the hours you want to fit around your family

    Train how to earn a high income and achieve success in a bespoke business. Learning personal development along the way will also be key to your success.

    Waxing is a treatment that is not just an aesthetic luxury. Sarah Louisa's clients say it is a NECESSITY to feel hygienically clean and confident. 

    Stand out from every other waxing service. With leading edge techniques, offering a more bespoke service for each individual client. The treatment delivery and results are to a very high standard.

Perfect Bikini®️ wax course

    This treatment is trademarked and only exclusive to use by Sarah Louisa’s students

    This treatment is more popular then a normal bikini, bare bikini and Hollywood strip. 

    Learn Sarah Louisa’s specialist creative approach

    Gain the knowledge that leaves clients feeling devoted to the Perfect bikini®️ 

    New business advice to add the Perfect bikini®️ plus 2 more price options to offer clients.

Brazilian (Bare bikini) and Hollywood Strip wax course

    Intimate waxing that is discreet for your client 

    How to gain results that stand out professionally

    Techniques to use for comfort to pregnant and plus sizes ladies

    Leading edge techniques on different styles of a Hollywood strip

    New business advice to add 2 more treatment plus with each treatment offer 2 different price options for clients 

IngrownOut®️ Course

    Become an Ingrown hair specialist 

    Meet needs of the client to maintain clean and clear skin.

    Learn all there is to know to professionally treat and advise about Ingrown hairs

    Identify 3 different stages of Ingrown hairs, when to remove and when to leave

    New Business advice to enhance your business profile

Extra Bonus Included

You will receive unlimited support. We will organise the one to one training to suit both schedules. This will include an over view of your business plan and a skill set bench mark. So your wax standard remains high.

  • Business coaching
  • Receive a copy of Fresh, Clean Men. Enhance salon profits with extra treatments tailored for men.
  • IngrownOut®️ Tweezer

You will be required to practice waxing when we are not together and create a case study of a number of waxing treatments to bring your experience up to standard. This enables you to build natural confidence through dealing with different waxing techniques.

You will be required to sign a contract to complete the course in your own time but within a time frame of a year. 

Any questions please contact Sarah on 07931148864.

My testimony as a Waxing Specialist Therapist     

I started waxing over 20 years ago. I was a single mum back then. This was the only work I could do around my son’s nursery times.

I made such a good living out of my waxing career. This lead me to develop my skills and personal development in many other ways. 

I loved helping clients feel good and i made sure they received the best results which lead me to naturally create my own style and unique treatments. This helped me build my reputation that lead to my clients traveling from far and wide across the UK to the midlands. The job satisfaction is amazing, especially if you love to help others.

 The most important time for me was been able to support my children on my own and work hours around them. They were also so happy to have the opportunity to go to a private Steiner school each day. This suited their learning and development needs better than main stream schools. 

 I have had lots of value from my waxing career and becoming a specialist helped me stand out from the rest. If your a passionate person who wants to have more choice in life then i recommend this career course.

Best wishes Sarah Louisa xxx

20 hours total