Advice for skin with Ingrown hairs

Advice for skin with Ingrown hairs

Advice for skin with Ingrown hairs

Advice For Clean and Clear Skin

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My name is Sarah Louisa and I have worked with thousands of clients who have suffered with ingrown hairs finding solutions and methods of prevention, removing and clearing the skin back to normal. 

Ingrown hairs can happen to people who don't do any form of hair removal. You can still get ingrown hairs from shaving, waxing, epilating etc Ingrown hairs can happen to anyone. 

1st step to clear and clean the skin is to become aware of why you have ingrown hairs. 

2nd to take action steps to stop this from happening again.

What is the reason for your Ingrown hairs?

The ingrown hair process starts

When there are too many dead skin cells covering the hair follicle and the hair cannot grow through naturally. The hair becomes ingrown as it curls over and grows back into the skin.

Do you suffer with ingrown hairs? Ask yourself... 

Is your skin dry within the area of ingrown hairs?

The skin surrounding the hair follicle can trap the hair tip and grow over the hair. This can happen in a matter of hours. Blocking the hair from growing through naturally.  

Ask yourself...                                    

Are you regularly doing the correct skin care route and using the right products?

Some products that contain chemicals will dry the skin out. So be aware of nourishing the skin as well as removing dead skin cells. 

Perhaps you don't do any form of hair removal yet still get an ingrown hair. The tip of the hair can still catch on to the skin cells. This is made worse by wearing tight clothing or staying in one position for too long.

Ask yourself.....

Are you sitting or lying down with your hair pushed against the skin for a long time? 

Also a random rouge hair that isn't attached to the body can simply stick to the skin like a splinter and if goes undetected skin cells can grow over the hair causing this to be ingrown under the skin. This is very common after a hair cut as hair that has been cut can get stuck in the skin. 

Ask yourself....

Where could this rouge hair have come from?

To Prevent

Exfoliate/Scrub the area regularly to clear dead skin cells. Use natural ingredients to avoid chemicals been absorbed into the body. As a preventative step also you can apply a body balm or talc to act as a barrier on top of the skin to stop hairs sticking to the skin cells. This is good if you are sitting or lying down for along time. I recommend our Lavender balm within the Skin Clean Bikini Collection.

To Clear

Remove ingrown hairs with our specially designed Ingrown Out®️ Tweezers. Avoid picking the area with fingers as this can cause the appearance to look worse and the area can become infected so you may need antibiotics. If in doubt seek medical advise. I recommend our Tea Tree Scrub not only clears dead skin but also has antiseptic properties to deep clean the skin area. This is in the Skin Clean Collection.

To Heal

Have a 20 minute soak in the bath with sea salts this is a natural healer for the skin. Use a cream for sensitive skin or an antiseptic cream if the hair follicle looks raised, sore or agitated.  Apply this cream after removal of ingrown hairs or use after your hair removal. I recommend our Magic Bathe for a Sea Salt soak and our Chamomile cream which is also in the Skin Clean Collection.

I created the Bikini Skin clean collection to prevent, clear and heal your skin back to normal. so myself and therapists can recommend natural ingredients that not only have many benefits for the skin but has eco friendly packaging. With stylish heart containers that are reusable once the products have been used.  Our IngrownOut® Tweezer is a all in one effective tool. The hook lifts the ingrown hair out and also plucks the hair from the root. If you would like personal advice about your ingrown hairs please contact me on We also have qualified Ingrown hair therapists that are now in the UK.