Educate your Waxing Clients

Educate your Waxing Clients

Educate your Waxing Clients

It is important to your waxing business, to help clients maintain clean & clear looking skin between treatments. If the client feels good about them selves they will be more inclined to come for treatments regularly. 

You can be their accountability partner to support them to do self-care at home. People like to be supported and held accountable so they follow through with routines. 

Clients can show up with all sorts of skin complaints. If you explain to them that certain reasons for dry, spotty, irritated, itchy, sensitive, discolouration, ingrown hair, strawberry legs. Is all down to the correct skin care ie it is so important to look at your product labels as most of the chemicals in them are the cause of most of these symptoms. It maybe they don't use skin care as they don't know what is the best to use or they don't have a self-care routine. Have you ever asked them?

After care is needed for them to fully rep the benefits of beautiful smooth skin. This compliments a waxed body. Even if the client has no skin issues. Everyone needs to clean, exfoliate and moisturise their skin.

It is so important to maintain and keep the skin clean, with good moisture levels, brightness and to protect against Ingrown Hairs, pigmentation and strawberry legs. This is the reason we should recommend natural products.

Strawberry legs is when the hair follicle turns black due to exposure to air when oil, dirt, bacteria, product residue..chemicals are left on the skin. It can also be caused by shaving and not moisturising after or using a blunt or old razor. If they wax at home and don't apply a moisturiser this can also happen. Clients can also have strawberry legs if they use a hot tube or go swimming alot.

 As a waxing specialist you can now recognise this and explain to the client the correct skin care routine. The product they are using needs changing. It is helpful to find out what is the cause of the problem so the client has awareness to change their habits.They will need to clean, exfoliate, moisturise the skin with chemical free products and wax in the salon regularly. 

Tips for introducing these products is all about spreading awareness about them. It makes a good talking point to have with a client especially as you are their trusted professional groomer. The reason i created these products was to serve everyones highest good. You do a great job waxing and to get paid for prescribing products is what you deserve. It is like the icing on the cake. No one wants to damage our earth with plastic bottles and we are naturally all turning to vegan friendly cosmetics as nature is truly the best for skin care.

Self-care helps you and your client, to feel more energetic, happier, confident & peaceful. 

Self-care that doesn’t cost our earth is our motto.

No plastic packaging or sticky labels so stylish containers can be reused for storage, deco etc None of our products are tested on animals.

Show your clients the products and allow them to smell them and touch them. They are great ideas for clients to gift loved ones also.

Natural Skin & Hair Wash bar

This contains 9 natural plant ingredients that have so many benefits to the skin and hair. Great for sensitive skin. Doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. Loved by many clients as either a body wash or an all over wash including your hair. Can be use by all the family. The soap wrap contains wild plant seeds so you can add to soil, water and watch them grow! Instructions for washing your hair our special most effective way is on our website or is on the inside of the recyclable bar wrap for the larger size soap. (This one isn't plantable) 

Tea Tree Scrub or Sweet Orange Scrub

Our scrubs contain only 3 natural ingredients – To revitalise, rejuvenate & revive the skin.

  • Your choice out of two aromatherapy oils. Tea Tree is an anti-bacterial & anti-fungal or Sweet Orange contains vitamin C good for reducing dark spots and helps to shrink large pores. Both oils have many other similar skin benefits so it can come down to a matter of personal preference on the scent of the scrub.
  • Dead Sea Salt has thick grains to help stimulate the skin surface and remove stubborn dry dead skin cells. Found to be most effective of over 20 years use from waxing clients.
  • Apricot oil nourishes and conditions the skin and increases skin radiance. Also contains antioxidant effects which help to heal and protect the skin.
  • Our scrubs are recommended to be used last in the shower and do not need washing off. Once the salts disappear you are finished! Gently pat the skin dry so the apricot oil can do its job!

The stylish glass jar is fabulous for storing blue berries, strawberries, nuts to take with a packed lunch to work or on a picnic. You could even use this jar as a money pot to collect £2 coins. The list is endless.

Rose Magic bathe or Lemongrass magic bathe

 For those who want a treat or to buy a treat for someone. We call this a magic bathe as it not only cleans your skin, it moisturises your skin, soothes muscles, calms the mind and leaves your skin feeling silky after your bath. This is also good to help skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and we also recommend to clients who are suffering from a lot of ingrown hairs. The salts in this bathe are very healing to the skin and fabulous for stiff aching joints.

It all comes down to preference. Lemongrass is more of an uplifting Magic bathe and the Rose is more reviving.

Rose Magic bathe is more than just a bath it is a luxury experience as this contains Rose and Chamomile aromatherapy oil as well as rose petals. If you rub the rose petals on your skin you will gain a subtle scent of rose. Please advise your client a very easy method after bathing …Use a sieve to gather the rose petals in the water and add to your compost or normal bin. Clean your bath as normal.

The Bikini Skin Clean Collection

Recommend this for client with dry, irritated, itchy, ingrown hair infested skin along with our IngrownOut® Tweezers.

3 products to help prevent, heal, protect against Ingrown hairs. It helps restore the skin back to health.

A tiny spoon is provided as only a tiny spoon full is need.

  • Every day use the Tea tree scrub to prevent dead skin cells that trap hairs, also keeps skin bacteria away & is anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin. Advise if the area is sensitive - To apply gently or wait until the other two products clear the soreness. If skin is painful they should consult a doctor.
  • Every day in the morning apply the Lavender protect. This melts like butter on the skin surface & protects the skin from hair tips growing back in. Also nourishes and repairs skin layers.
  • Every night apply Chamomile calm. This will restore the skin back to health. Mild enough to sooth nappy rashes. This is a light moisturiser.