IngrownOut Specialist Course

Ingrown Out®️ Hair Specialist Course & IngrownOut® Tweezer

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Unlock Your Potential as an IngrownOut® Hair Specialist with Our Comprehensive Online Course!

Are you a professional in the beauty industry or a waxing expert looking to provide an excellent service to your clients? Stay ahead of the game and meet the rising hygiene standards in waxing treatments worldwide by becoming a certified IngrownOut® Hair Specialist. Our online course, endorsed by Habia - the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority, will equip you with th...

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IngrownOut Specialist Course

Ingrown Out®️ Hair Specialist Course & IngrownOut® Tweezer

Unlock Your Potential as an IngrownOut® Hair Specialist with Our Comprehensive Online Course!

Are you a professional in the beauty industry or a waxing expert looking to provide an excellent service to your clients? Stay ahead of the game and meet the rising hygiene standards in waxing treatments worldwide by becoming a certified IngrownOut® Hair Specialist. Our online course, endorsed by Habia - the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority, will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively treat and advise clients on ingrown hairs, ensuring they achieve clear, clean skin.

Here's what you'll gain from our IngrownOut® Hair Specialist course:

Expertise as an IngrownOut® Hair Specialist: Master the art of professionally treating and advising on ingrown hairs, allowing you to cater to your clients' specific needs and maintain their clean and clear skin.

In-depth Understanding: Acquire comprehensive knowledge about ingrown hairs, including identifying the three different stages and knowing when to remove them and when to leave them be. This vital understanding will enable you to provide the best possible care.

Elevate Your Business: Receive valuable advice to enhance your business profile and maximise your success in the industry. Stay ahead of the competition and attract clients seeking specialised ingrown hair services.

Upon completing the certification process, you will also receive an exclusive IngrownOut® Tweezer, a valuable tool to assist you in your practice.

We believe in providing exceptional support to our students. The learning journey doesn't end with the course! Our unlimited support ensures that you have the guidance you need to handle the diverse cases of ingrown hairs you'll encounter in your professional career. We understand that everyone learns differently, so we strive to accommodate your individual learning needs. If you desire more practical experience, please let us know, and we'll make arrangements accordingly.

For any queries, support, or advice, don't hesitate to contact Sarah at Start your journey to becoming an IngrownOut® Hair Specialist today!

Smooth and Sophistikated

Since using the Ingrown out tweezers it has elevated my business, setting myself apart by being able to offer an ingrown hair removal service to my guests. They really appreciate it and it avoids the client picking and damaging the skin or causing unnecessary inflammation. I have had very positive feedback from them purchasing the Ingrown out tweezers too! A great addition to my salon. Thank you Sarah.

Amy Blake

I’m a sugaring hair removal specialist and I have a few clients who suffer with ingrowns. I’ve been looking to further my knowledge on ingrown hairs and thankfully found Sarah’s course! I have such a better understanding of ingrowns, why they appear and how to treat and prevent them. The IngrownOut tweezer is a game changer! It’s easy to use, effective and so gentle. Would definitely recommend investing in this course and the tweezer for any waxers or sugarists out there.

Therapeutic waxing

This course helped me a lot to have better understanding of the cause of ingrown hair. Also, enhanced my confidence as a professional.   I would recommend this course for every therapist who does waxing, Not only for the knowledge! I would recommend it, because of Sarah; she makes things easier by being so attentive and generous to help when you ask! Thank you Sarah Louisa Juliet


5 STARS Every professional waxer should have these tweezers! Course was very professional and enjoyable. Thank you Sarah Xx

Zoe Daniels

Fab course and Tweezer! Highly recommend.

Liz Freeman

I couldn't find a course to train me in ingrown hairs. When i found this IngrownOut course on i was over the moon especially to find out this course was also endorsed by HABIA. I was so happy and trusted its content straight away. I never knew there was so much to learn about ingrown hairs. So many of my clients suffer with them. I feel very confident to treat and advise about ingrown hairs now. Thankyou for such a professional course. The IngrownOut tweezers are amazing too. Im constantly sending my clients to your web site so they don't pick ingrown hairs when they are in between treatments.

Claire Lord Top to Toe Waxing

I complete Sarah-Louise's Ingrown hair specialist course and found it to be interesting, educational and very useful. I learnt about the different types of ingrown hairs and when to attempt to remove them and when to leave them alone to minimise trauma to the skin. I have been. able to put all of the knowledge to good use and my clients have benefited from this extension of my knowledge. The Ingrown hair specialist course and the removal tool is an absolute must for any waxing specialist that wants the best for their clients.

Kate Lemon Smooth and Sophistikated

Was the course very informative? Yes, it certainly was, I am really pleased to now be able to identify the 3 stages of an ingrown hair. Sarah Louisa’s course went into good detail but at the same time wasn’t overly heavy with lots of over complicated information. did it progress a new skill for you? Yes it has, before I would have avoided removing even the ingrown hairs where the follicle was open due to fear of aggravating the skin or making things worse. I also didn’t have Sarah Louisa’s amazing ingrown out tool therefore normal tweezers were unsuitable and more often than not, unable to remove them. Have you removed ingrown hairs for clients? Yes I have very successfully. I have pictures if you’d like to see some of the tightly coiled hairs I’ve removed. How has that been for you and client? Very satisfying and my clients are very pleased I can offer this service. Did you gain sufficient learning from the course? Sarah Louisa’s course was just what I needed to feel more confident about removing clients ingrown hairs. I also know Sarah Louisa is on hand since completing her course if I do have any questions or queries, she is an extremely helpful training expert. Did you enjoy it? Yes very much so, I feel it’s definitely a course worth doing if you are performing waxing in your salon, especially intimate waxing.

Gemma Osbourne Peachy waxing

I completed the Ingrown Hair Specialist Course with Sarah in October 2021 after finding her on Instagram and meeting her at a beauty trade show. I found the course to be very informative with in depth detail throughout. It was clear and easy to understand and I felt I gained a wealth of knowledge from the content, which in turn gave me the confidence to apply what I had learnt to my own work. Since completing the course, I found this has elevated the treatments I offer to my clients and is an additional skill added to my portfolio. The course covered everything I needed to know to confidently remove ingrown hairs and for it to be a simple but effective service to offer my clients. This course has been fantastic for my business and my clients and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their skills in the industry.

Clare Pop Jules Beauty

Really good course. Love the tweezers x

Emma Robinson Be4ever beautiful

Tweezers are the best! I’m an ingrown out specialist feel confident now, I know what I’m doing : ) Thankyou would recommend to anyone in the beauty trade.

Craig Gray Wax therapist in London

IngrownOut tweezers are very accurate in removing ingrown hairs mostly all my clients male and female have ingrown hairs. I’m always recommending them to buy them from you. Thanks for the on going support. I have my certificate on the wall now. Feel proud to be an Ingrown Out Specialist. Another skill to add to my bow

Alex Berresford Male Grooming salon

Thankyou I learnt a lot from this course. I come across Ingrown hairs with every other client. The IngrownOut tweezers are amazing to use. Great service. Sarah Louisa went into great depth to help me understand a question. Recommend this company!

Natasha Allen Wax Epert

I’m so happy I’m now an Ingrown hair Specialist! Love the ingrown hair tweezers. Highly recommend!

Karla Quinn

I needed this course. We weren’t taught about Ingrown hairs at college so I didn’t have a clue what to do when I came across them in waxing treatments. I feel confident now. Thankyou for this course. Best tweezers I have ever used. My client love them too. Many thanks Karla

Kate Lemon at Smooth and Sophistikated

Now having completed Sarah Louisa’s accredited ingrown hair course I feel fully confident in knowing which ingrown hairs I can and cannot remove thanks to this courses in-depth information as well as Sarah’s tips on helpful removal and how to manage them going forward if they’re not quite ready. I feel empowered and better equipped to be able to help my clients further by being able to offer this service. Thank you Sarah Louisa x

Tami at Bikini Wax Shack

Thanks Sarah I've already put my new skills to use. I really like the new tweezers, much better than the ones I was using. It's funny, I'm now explaining ingrowns to clients and using your grading system.. so I definitely learnt something.

Sandy The Wax Lash Studio

Being a specialist intimate waxer I wanted to up my game and know, how to best treat in-growing hairs. We are all partial to them but how I treat them, when a client presents with them, is what’s going to set me apart from other waxer’s. For this reason I turned to Sarah Louise, the in-growing hair expert. Her course was so thorough detailing not only the cause and prevention of ingrowing hairs but also how and when to safely extract them. I always like to advise client on how best to care for their skin and product knowledge is an area I always like to be on top of. Thanks to sarah I now have this extra knowledge and can recommend creams to help soothe the areas. Thanks for your advice and help Sarah.

Val Cartwright Home based Beauty and Aesthetics

This course is amazing, it was very informative and gave me the confidence to be able to deal with ingrown hairs and give my clients advice. The tweezers are also a fabulous addition which my clients love. I would recommend this course to anyone in the industry.

Claire Lord at Top to Toe Waxing

I enjoyed the course, it was informative and learning about when to attempt to remove ingrown hairs and when to leave them was particularly useful. I think undertaking this course will be of benefit to any Waxing Specialist as we undertake ingrown hair removal as part of our working days

Alina Maria Curea

The course is very good for all of the therapists that work with waxing and deal with clients that suffer from Ingrown hairs. I am one of the persons that I get Ingrown hairs when I shave but also after waxing. Hence the curly hairs:) I would highly recommend it and I really looking forward to try the twizer and to test the products!

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